40+ Years | Ethics | Trust


Built on the legacy of trust, ethics and more than 4 decades of excellence, DDPL is synonymous to competence and innovation in diamond manufacturing. Learn More

Legitimacy | Traceability


By following highly ethical standards, implementing the Best Practices Principles along with the Kimberly Process Certification,we ensure our diamonds are natural, conflict free and traceable to the origin. Learn More

Art | Science | Technology


Our state-of-the-art facility in Surat brings millions of diamonds to life per year, through our streamlined process with global technology and talent. Learn More

Passion | Compatibility | Creativity


Our effort to fulfill our customer’s every need has given us that competitive edge in the crowded diamond industry. We break away from regular standards, by creating benchmark services and value adds for our customers. Learn More

Precision | Excellence


Our highly experienced team has worked with us over the years, and many times over generations of the family are working with us bringing continuity, expertise and quality to our entire collection. Learn More

Training | Growth


We believe in inclusive growth and work with our employees as our own by focusing on health care, education and training, along with endeavors for the environment we work and live in. Learn More

Community | Commitment | Responsibility


We sell our diamonds to the renowned brands, establish individuals worldwide, at the same time, we understand our commitments to our community & more importantly to the nation & consider ourselves extremely blessed to be able to add to betterment of people. Learn More

Alliance | Brand | Value


By partnering with global diamond organizations and institutes, we learn, grow, and benefit from each other's knowledge and experience, resulting in value & quality diamonds to you. Learn More

Achievements | Recognition


Over the years, we have established long-term relationships by delighting customers and partners with our products and services. We are thankful for the reward they have given indirectly by making us a leader in the industry. Learn More

Global | Reach


We participates in all the major events throughout the world to showcase our strength in innovation in diamonds we craft and distinguished services we offer to our valuable clients, who choose us. Learn More
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