One of the proprietary stockless virtual-reality modules from Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt Ltd to its Retailers where their consumers can experience buying diamonds with whole new digital experience.

In this tool DDPL facilitate their virtual inventory with the detailed description of the product with the high- resolution photographic image of the stone, HD 360 degree video in 2D and 3D.

The Virtual showcase is an inventory-less inventory module where a person can get enhanced experience while navigating through catalogues by adding imagery and a digital environment they have never come across. For more information visit virtual-showcase.ddpl.com


Satisfying a customer is the aim of any business. Being the prominent partner DDPL empowers their consumers to choose and thrive by streamlining data feed without the risk of physical inventory.

DDPL promotes the culture of stockless inventory to sustain the cost effective way of buying diamonds online. This service further extends ideas, imagination and experience of a techno soaked IT team that helps a consumer develop their digital online space through websites, Mobile/IPad apps, etc.

In addition to this, The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and IMS (Inventory Management System), for retailers and wholesalers which allows them to manage their stores, workforce and stock efficiently.


Retailers can add the experiential component by having well-trained staff enhance the value of the product by imparting in-depth knowledge about it. Product knowledge about a diamond includes everything that happened to the diamond on its way from within the earth to the retail counter.

While diamonds are generally perceived as a symbol of love and romance, the retail experience while acquiring diamonds leaves a great deal to be desired. Dharmanandan Diamonds leverage anyone interested to clutch a versatile training on how to satisfy a customer by providing them unforgettable experience with product and services by explaining the importance of that particular diamond or jewel.

These training modules are available at our training institute in Surat, India on regular basis by professionals hired by DDPL Group.