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Diamond Prevé

First Ever Virtual Trade Show

In times when the world is trapped indoors and people have not quite figured out the way forward, Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. (DDPL) organised the first ever Virtual Trade Show - Diamond Prevé, a private exhibition for customers.

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Being a Part of The Virtual Trade Show

About Us.

With an innovation and research at the core of its business, DDPL for the last four decades has continued to bench-trend in the gem and jewellery business with introduction of technology that set a new heights for the diamond industry, and in line with its endeavor to enable customer to remain progressive and relevant in a dynamic and ever-changing world, DDPL is poised to introduce another new technological advancement developed with the sole aim to upgrade retailers and revolutionize the way diamonds are purchased in the post Covid-19 world.

The Diamond Prevé will open the new horizons in virtual diamond trading by providing below features to resemble your presence at Physical Trade Show.

One to One Meeting.

When the customers visit the show, they have leverage to talk to their DDPL portfolio manager or any available executive including the Director through different mode of communication. Once the customer enter the booth and the communication started, they will have the same experience like they gets in trade show.

Remote Product Inspection.

Remote inspection involves a pool of DDPL product experts who are virtually and in real-time connected to the customer through a private communication channel. Through the video channel, the customer can even see the live view of the diamond through Cutwise Live instrument.

New Product Introduction.

Trade Shows are the most successful platform to introduce new product and services, and DDPL well know for the innovative product and services, is not missing this opportunity to introduce it on the Virtual Trade Show too. The customer can have access to know more about the New Product Introduction during their visit to Diamond Prevé booth.

Keynote Speakers.

DDPL is also organizing the Seminar Sessions with Keynote Speakers to discuss the upcoming trends and understand the current scenario of world diamond trade post Covid-19. The Keynote Speakers will be available for different topics of interest throughout the event to have the fruitfull information sharing with the visitors.

Diamond Prevé

First Ever Virtual Trade Show

22 - 23 Jun 2020

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Advantages to visit the Diamond Prevé.

Diamond Prevé is the first of its kind Virtual Trade Show organised by one of the most regular and successful trade show exhibitor, Dharmanandan Diamonds. Everything is taken care. The customers can visit the Virtual Trade Show from anywhere without having any efforts except connecting to the internet and routing to the show platform. Alike the physical exhibitions, DDPL facilitates wide product range to choose from with exclusive offer on the Virtual Show Event.

How to join the Diamond Prevé.

Customers can visit the show during the show event only by providing very basic detail to facilate once they enter the booth. Once they are in, they can either explore the booth or select the executive to start the communication through a voice or video call.

Phone Numbers.

Phone: +91 261 2535200
Mobile: +91 9601598015

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Diamond Prevé
First Ever Virtual Trade Show
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Diamond Time-Lapse - A Diamond Provenance Journey

The DTL report has the real time data of the origin of the diamond, the contribution of the master artisans step by step, the certification and other all major processes down the line until it reaches the consumer. As initiators of the Diamond Time-Lapse traceability program, DDPL believes Blockchain is a fascinating technology and breaks all the existing stereotypes of the diamond industry. Streamlining the processes of the diamond journey gives directional solutions to bring transparency and positive change in the industry.

This program is unique in many senses, few of the important aspect is as below:

  • DTL is the most secured diamond Provenance Program.
  • Never before, most in-depth details of diamonds voyage.
  • Millennial Friendly - Interactive Digital Platform.
  • Assurance of Responsible Sourcing.
  • Assurance of Natural Diamonds.
  • An emotional journey of diamonds - produce good story to tell.
  • Provenance of Diamonds.
  • Most Cost Effective.
  • No Third Party Reliance.
Bid2Buy - DDPL Auction
There are times when you get the best things at your price.

At this Diamond Carnival, DDPL conglomerate the user interest and fair value of diamond to leave an ever-lasting experience as compared to the routine diamond buying in auction. DDPL Auction is not only a trade participation but a choice where one can enthrall the world of Diamond at own will.

It is a skillfully practiced and passionately preserved the diamond trade in the form of Online Auction. At DDPL Auction, they focus exclusively on selling quality diamonds over the internet by utilizing the proprietary internet auction tools making purchase simple ever.

DDPL provides different Auction platforms for you to choose from: Interactive and Silent.

Pay only if you win. Complete your transaction only after your bid wins. Diamonds are then delivered to your door.

Webinar with Keynote Speakers

DDPL is also organizing the Seminar Sessions with Keynote Speakers to discuss the upcoming trends and understand the current scenario of world diamond trade post Covid-19. The Keynote Speakers will be available for different topics of interest throughout the event to have the fruitfull information sharing with the visitors.

Tailor-made Merchandising
Sometimes the Heart sees what is invisible to the Eye and we craft it.

Everyone needs a hat of their own size. DDPL assures their customer’s needs are foreseen with utmost importance with our tailored manufacturing service.

DDPL expertise in diamond cutting enables us to specially cut beautiful Heart and Arrows diamonds for customers on request. We offer calibrated diamonds of specific MM sizes as well. Be it a modified cut or an absolutely new cut, our creative souls are up for the challenges every time.

Sirius Star®
The World's Brightest Diamond®

Canadian Master Diamond Cutter Mike Botha is the creator of Sirius Star®, the world's brightest diamond®. An internationally acclaimed master diamond cutter, with five decades in the profession, Mike's training and subsequent career began in South Africa and has led him to Russia and Canada - from Vancouver to the Northwest Territories to Saskatchewan.

Padma® Cut
Brightest & Beautiful Diamond

Padma (Lotus) is indisputably the most beautiful flower in this world which is admired for its sheer elegance and sanctity. This modern cut diamonds called "Padma", inspired by the very flower, is crafted keeping in mind absolute brilliance and perfectness of Lotus and both share a striking resemblance in their alluring design and splendor.

Bagging & Fluting with Natural Assurance
Minimizing human intervention in assortment by providing calibrated diamonds.

Any jewellery manufacturer understand the importance of our Bagging and Fluting service with Natural Assurance, since for a jewellery manufacturer the toughest part is to get the sizes required in a piece of jewellery. On instances, they have to buy mix parcels. They then get it calibrated as per the need of the jewellery to be made. In the process, they end up stocking diamonds which stays as dead stock.

For their rescue, just from the picture of the design, we gives perfectly calibrated diamonds needed for the design. These diamonds will be checked in one of the most reliable technology in the world and come with an assurance that they are natural and will be delivered in a temper proof bag for customer’s peace of mind.

Love desire real diamond, and that desire is underpinned by confidence. We make sure the diamonds we offer are natural and maintain the integrity by the Diamond Time-Lapse through trustworthy technology. Stringent quality checks are performed on various processes to ensure the diamond is natural.

Though Synthetic diamonds are undeniable fact now, the malpractices of clubbing them with natural is unethical and harms the consumer confidence. Synthetic diamonds may have its own space in the jewellery market but the mixing of undisclosed synthetic diamonds with the natural is akin to playing with someone's emotional value.

Exclusive Jewellery

Every jewelry line we introduce comes in different styles and we are constantly updating them to fit in with evolving fashion industry of the world. Having such a manufacturing, we fill the needs of every client and tailor their order to fit their exact needs without slowing down our day to day operations. Every process is under one roof which enables us deliver the best on time.

We offer:
  • Engagement & Bridal Ring Programmes
  • Advanced Cataloging
  • Exclusivity of Collections
  • Dedicated Portfolio Managers
  • Customised Designing
  • 24x7 Customer Service Unit
  • Online Order and Tracking System
To know more please email on OR call on +1 212 398 7777(78) Ext. 600
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