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Diamond Prevé - Virtual Trade Show
Keynote Speakers – Webinar

Precaution, Preparedness and Planning in jewellery industry post Covid-19

Ian Douglas, CEO of Village Goldsmith Jewellers, Wellington, New Zealand.

Renowned High-end jeweler in New Zealand, Mr. Douglas have designed dazzling collections of jewellery as well as custom jewellery pieces for the luxury customer base. An award-winning designer and a Jewellers share his learning during this pandemic.

Ian Douglas 13.00 IST

Demonstrate or Discount - A way to sell added value diamonds

Janak Mistry, Chairman and CEO Lexus India

Prominent scientist in diamond technology space with numerous patents under his name, Mr. Mistry is the synonymous to the innovation in the diamond industry. He has completed his engineering in Germany and dedicated his knowledge and experience to empower gem and jewellery industry.

He believes that diamond is luxury product and do not deserves discount word. He will share his idea about how diamond deserve its value.

Janak Mistry 18.00 IST

What a retailer should be doing now!

Megan Crabtree, Founder and CEO of Crabtree Consulting, New York, USA.

Before founding Crabtree Consulting, Megan had a successful professional career in the jewelry industry, which culminated with high-level positions at several of the top leading firms in the retail and manufacturing sectors. Megan will share her lifetime experience of what retailers should be doing post Covid-19 to keep growing and be even sustainable.

Megan Crabtree, 16.30 (New York Time)

New Products & Services – Pain Sharing with a Client

Hitesh Goti, Corporate Affairs, Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd.

Hitesh will explain how customers can avail benefits of DDPL’s value added Services and Products.

Hitesh Goti 19.00 IST
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